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As an R&D company, we specialize in replacement parts for metal cutting and welding. Are you looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price?

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Who we are?

About us

Our journey started as a small family business to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. With profound industry experience, we redefine metal cutting through applied research and development in the field. We closely collaborate with suppliers to ensure precision in realizing our innovative ideas. 

The R&D Company
Almost 30 years of experience

What we offer?

Our products

We specialize in innovative replacement parts for plasma, laser, or oxy-fuel applications. Our portfolio also features a high-quality metal welding product category. Our consumable products are always in technical conformity with the respective cutting and welding systems while offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

Plasma, laser, oxy-fuel

Where we operate?

Our location

Our headquarters is located in a beautiful city, Brno, in the Czech Republic. Most of our suppliers are based in the Czech Republic, too. We are a European company with a strong presence across the European market. Still, we humbly reach global heights as well, particularly in Asia

Based in the Czech Republic
Global market reach

Why we exist?

Our mission

For us, people and the environment always come before profit. We acknowledge that each of us, through our actions, co-creates the society we live in. That is why we evaluate the impact of our business on people and the environment. We can make a better world for all through continuous effort.

Sustainable economy
Better world for upcoming generations


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Focusing on the important

Our core values


We supervise our suppliers' production plants to guarantee quality.


We focus on the optimal supply chain, so you can always count on us.


We are always here to help our suppliers and customers.

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Věnceslav Chumchal

"We work towards evolutionizing our industry."

Executive Director who has several years of experience in the factory producing metal cutting consumables. He takes care of the financial and legal side of the business. He is also responsible for the direction of our company and ensuring it is in line with the values of modern society.

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International sales and collaborations

Roman Chumchal

"We believe in driving excellence through innovation."

Sales Director who personally ensures the products we sell remain competitive through continuous innovation. He has almost 30 years of experience in industrial production, sales, and especially development. He guarantees the high quality of our products. 

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Czech sales and product inquiries

Zdeňka Chumchalová

"We handle each customer as an equal business partner."

Logistics Directress who has managed warehouse and shipping for several companies in her career. She ensures the company's supply chain is just in time and sets optimal stock levels for our long-term customers. She also guarantees that the company's internal processes are according to standards.

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Delivery and stock inquiries